I dont think he realises how **** it makes me feel when he keeps telling me things I already know about myself that dont look attractive. We may be oblivious to certain perceptions we have of ourselves, but that is not an excuse to be criticized all the time! He points out your flaws—both physical traits and personality characteristics—as if you didn’t know they already existed. > What are some of the reasons a boyfriend likes to point out flaws to his girlfriend from time to time? I understand that everyone has flaws but to a certain extent, I dont believe its necessary to point out the physical flaws someone has too much. physical flaws? He's pointed out a couple physical flaws (i.e a wart, a pimple, etc) directly and sometimes indirectly (i.e "You're putting *that* much Ranch dressing on your salad? Pointing Out Flaws By pointing out flaws, you hope that your partner will let go of the things that you don't like and become more the person you want him or her to be. -- never -- the only thing he points out when I piss him off is that I'm bossy, controlling and I think I am always right, all of which, of course, I deny, deny, deny because from where I sit, that is not the truth!! I love him -- I never point out his physical flaws. Lately my boyfriend has pointed out a few of my flaws & sometimes I'm okay with it, other times it hurts. My boyfriend of 2 years ALWAYS reminds me of the flaws I have. But the intent behind pointing out flaws is not loving - it is controlling. ")There are few things that I'm really self-conscious about, one being my weight so that one hurt. Does this mean he is cheating and has another girlfriend, or the bigger Picture he is extremely insecure, thereby feels good doing that?