Many benefits of Desi cow’s ghee have also been mentioned in Ayurveda. In this article, I have explained: "Why Indian Desi Cow ghee is so expensive and Important for Daily Diet". Ghee can go bad but it depends on its making process to avoid any possible rancidity of the same. Bilona Process of making Ghee - Satattva Ghee is made using the ayurvedic process of making ghee. this way we make pure bilona ghee. Vedic A2 Ghee uses traditional, natural and animal-friendly vedic techniques, to create the purest ghee.As per the Shastras (Hindu Rulings), the ghee made from the vedic ghee-making technique is called ‘Bilona Ghee’. To understand more about how to make desi cow ghee by traditional Ayurvedic Bilona process please click here. The Bilona process ensures that the ghee is achieved through the traditional procedure and perfection. You can also find the benefits of ghee in the Ayurveda. Gir ghee, made from pure milk of Gir cow, which is famous for producing a2 quality of milk. Desi Cow Ghee is coined as the ‘Golden Medicine’ of Ayurvedic Healing. Itis the ghee made using curds made from the whole milk. This type of ghee has many health and dietary benefits.

This makkhan is heated to make ghee. Ghee made by using A2 Cow Milk is known as “A2 COW GHEE”. Buy Satattva Bilona Ghee Online. In the bilona method, we make ghee by hand churning a large amount of curd, which makes the price of Bilona Ghee slightly expensive compared to the other ghee variants available. To gain the benefits of ghee for stronger immunity, one should consume 100% verified Cow ghee made with traditional Bilona process. Bilona method is the traditional Ayurvedic method of making ghee where ghee is made from curds and not malai.

It teems with a2 protein and helps in building a healthy and disease-free body. Grass-fed ghee is a great source of vitamin K2, making it an important food for pre-conception and pregnancy. Good digestion is the key to good health, and if you’re dealing with any sort of digestive issues, healing your gut lining is an important first step. Bilona (churn) is done by hand using a wooden made ravaiya in an earthen pot. First we take desi cow’s fresh whole milk into one container. It is believed that regular intake of cow’s ghee keeps the amount of cholesterol in the body right. Desi Cow Bilona Ghee. The Vedic A2 ghee and the Bilona process are cruelty-free and animal-friendly inclusions. This makkhan is then boiled to get pure bilona hand churned desi ghee. Ghee can help heal your digestive tract. 10 Best Benefits of Desi cow’s pure Ghee. You should know about Indian Desi Cow Ghee. Then we add small amount of curd into the desi cow milk and after some hours whole milk is converted into the curd. The process of making Gir desi cow ghee is conventional, unlike the method used by others of using raw cream. Desi Ghee (pure cow ghee), prepared by bilona churning method, is costlier than the ghee prepared using commercial method where ghee is made using machines. Desi Cow Bilona Ghee is made from the Pure Indian breed’s desi cow’s whole milk and It is prepared by the bilona process.. Desi Cow Bilona Ghee Making Process. The milk's curd is hand-churned in a traditional Indian earthen pot vessel to get makkhan. Daily consumption of desi bilona ghee will provide strength, endurance, healthy skin, Omega-3 & Omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E. The melting point if desi ghee … A2 milk is converted into Curd which is then hand-churned by a bilona to make makkhan. 3.