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Which list are you on? Anger and retaliation, repentance and forgiveness, and gratitude are all featured in The Bad Easter Bunny. With so many kids in the world, the bunnies are having a hard time keeping the list up-to-date. April 09, 2020 12:22 pm.

Bad Egg.

Having trouble finding your name on the list? Here's why Easter Is bad for bunnies. Red-hot with anger, he declares himself the Bad Easter Bunny (BEB for short), and destroys his goodies. Check each list to find your name. His name, Bad Bunny, was inspired by a childhood photo of him at Easter, grimacing in a plush bunny suit. Widespread misunderstanding of domestic rabbits has made them one of the most abandoned pets in the United States. ‘Bad’ Easter Bunny Captured In Palm Coast.

Then he runs through the town doing bad things. By Natasha Daly. 6 Minute Read. Good Egg. What will it take to transform BEB back into the nice bunny he used to be? A message from the Easter Bunny. Palm Coast, FL - A woman the Flagler County Sheriff's Office says put Easter eggs filled with an assortment of items, including a paper showing pornographic images, into mailboxes, was arrested yesterday (April 8). Bad Bunny is leading a Latin pop revolution, albeit from home. Maybe the kindness of one little girl.