Most of these areas have since been united with the mainland by land reclamation and are now part of … The Battle of Chelsea Creek started when American militiamen, led by Colonel John Stark, raided Chelsea, on the northern shore of Boston Harbor, for livestock and any other supplies and to burn hay the British needed to feed their animals.

Chelsea Creek lies between the islands & Chelsea. These particular locations would become battlegrounds during the Revolutionary conflict. This battle was fought on May 27 and 28, 1775, on Chelsea Creek and on salt marshes, mudflats, and islands of Boston Harbor, northeast of the Boston peninsula. Chelsea was a small town that lied directly north of Boston.

Note how the geography of the greater Boston area has changed significantly in the years since 1775, when the waterways around the city consisted of a maze of islands & narrow peninsulas, which the British Navy actively patrolled to limit Patriot movements throughout the siege. Since the British held the city of Boston under their control, the colonialists in the area had organized to drive them out of this strategic city. Separately incorporated as the town of North Chelsea in 1846, it was renamed in 1871 to honour Paul Revere. The Battle of Chelsea Creek is also known as the Battle of Noddle's Island and the Battle of Hog Island. Other articles where Battle of Chelsea Creek is discussed: Revere: …Israel Putnam at the so-called Battle of Chelsea Creek (May 27, 1775).