With all that being said, yes, dates should be included as a part of a healthy diet, but you should not eat just dates throughout the day. And as always, it was a …

So after my workout today, I came home and made myself this vanilla date smoothie, as I’ve been doing a lot lately. Allow dates to soften for 5 minutes. This Vanilla Date Smoothie is a sweet treat any time of day!

I always start by blending the liquid and dates together first, along with any greens (particularly tough greens, like kale or collards) if I’m using them. If you are trying to lose a bit of weight, then limit your intake to 1-2 a day, or choose to use them sparingly, only 1-2 times per week. By Elizabeth Narins. In a small bowl place dates in 1 tbsp of hot water. Whether for breakfast or after the gym, it’s decadent, healthy and delicious! Check out some of the most amazing-looking date smoothies we found on Instagram this week .

Combine dates with milk, almonds, banana and ice in a blender. Vanilla Date Smoothie Bowl on February 11, 2019 January 19, 2020 with 4 Comments Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email 0 This thick and creamy smoothie bowl is packed full of plant-based protein, healthy fats, and fiber. To get the smoothest, creamiest smoothie possible I blitz my drink in two steps. (I promise it’s way less fussy than it might sound.) Allow dates to soften for 5 minutes.