In 1923, the school was closed due to the economic recession.

St. Margaret’s a missionary and all girls school. Produced as part of our 95th Anniversary Celebration.

A Happy, Healthy & Vibrant Learning Community Hong Wen School 宏文学校, Singapore, Singapore. So it depends on whether you value the Chinese language or if you prefer a missionary school. 情系宏文 Our Hong Wen - Bonds, Memories, Ties A collective narration of the Hong Wen Story. The school was then headed by Mr Song Shao Lian. It reflects the emphasis the school places on fulfilling its mission …

Hong Wen is a SAP school, which means a stronger focus in Chinese and your daughter would be taking Higher Chinese. Primary schools in Singapore are classified as Government or Government-aided schools.
Chinese Cultural Programme (CCP) is our school’s SAP flagship programme, where different aspects of Chinese Culture are infused into Chinese Language, Physical Education, Art and Music lessons. Primary schools are typically mixed-sex , though there are a number of single-sex schools.
Hong Wen School was founded in the same year with only 50 pupils.