It depends on which of the four Nutrisystem plans you select. The second week of your diet meal plan is when you will start to add SmartCarbs and PowerFuels into your daily menu, along with Flex™ Meals. The Nutrisystem Diet itself is a time-saver, since it emphasizes packaged meals. At Nutrisystem, we have specially designed our weight loss program to give you the flexibility and freedom you need to stay on track with your weight loss goals. People lose 1-2 pounds per week on the Nutrisystem plan and up to 13 lbs. Nutrisystem monthly prices are between $234.99 to $339.99 for women and $274.99 to $379.99 for men, if you enroll in their auto-delivery service. Nutrisystem categorizes their meals into four groups: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Nutrisystem Meal Plan You’ll be eating every 2 to 3 hours to keep your hunger at bay and your metabolism revving. ... For the basic plan your plan starts at $10.18 per day or $285 for 4 weeks of meals.

(Don't worry—you won't receive both months at once!) Save 50% on all meal plans—pay for two months today and SAVE 50% on the full retail price of both shipments. Since guys require more calories, men’s plans include additional Nutrisystem snacks. and 7 inches lost in the first month! Along with your pre-packaged breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack – you can also mix in fresh fruits and veggies every day! Plus, save 50% on your first month of probiotic shakes. KEEP SAVING until you reach your goal: After your second shipment, you'll continue to receive 50% off the full retail price for all consecutive meal plan shipments. Here’s what you get with the 4-week Basic Diabetes Plan: Nutrisystem ® Meals and Snacks You’ll enjoy Nutrisystem ® breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks five days a week, and add in Flex ™ meals and fresh grocery items for more flexibility. The Uniquely Yours plan costs $12.50 per day, $350 for 4 weeks. If you decline this option, prices will be 35 percent more per month. There are 3 meal plan levels including: BASIC, CORE, and Uniquely Yours; the main difference being that you’ll pay more for increased variety of food.

Choosing a meal plan and ordering meals is simple. If you don’t eat meat, Nutrisystem has a vegetarian plan that can still help you lose pounds, plus you’ll love the vegetarian diet foods. The Core plan goes up about a dollar per day ending at $310 for 4 weeks of meals. Like the other Nutrisystem diet plans, there are three options: Basic, the pre-selected favorites for the budget conscious (at under $10 per day), Core, with even more delicious choices (under $11 per day) and Uniquely Yours, with over 145 menu options, including frozen foods (for less than $13 per day). The Nutrisystem vegetarian weight loss plan has more than 90 food and menu items to choose from, and the pricing is the same as the Uniquely Yours plan, so the cost is about $12.50 per day for women, and $13.93 for men.