Ingredients. It will temporarily boost the player's Farming level and Summoning points by 5 and 50, respectively. salt and pepper. A Pork pie can be made by using 3 pieces of cooked bacon with a pie shell and by cooking the resulting product: an uncooked pork pie, requiring 74 Cooking and giving 210 experience.
1 big onion – cut in big chunks. 2,5 kg pork belly – most fat trimmed off and de-boned. It heals up to 1350 life points depending on your Constitution level. 15 ml freshly ground coriander.

2 apples – keep for later. a few sprigs fresh sage or thyme ( needed for the roast) 100 ml chopped fresh sage. 2 apples – cut in big chunks. Pork Belly Pot Pie with Apple and Sage.