How do I use points? a free community that rewards you for being you “When I talk to friends about how Shop Your Way works, I let them know that there is more to it than anyone expects. Lyrics to 'Show You The Way' by The Duke. Showing you care to those in your life on a regular basis is more challenging than it sounds. my wife and I earn and redeem points on a weekly basis, which helps fund her closet full of shoes and clothes.” When checking out online, you’ll be asked if you’d like to apply your points to the purchase. The verse means either, "And further" (besides bidding you aim at the better gifts), "I show you one supreme way of attaining them;" or, "And I show you a still more eminent way." I bid you desire the best gifts, and further show you a truly royal road ( viam maxime vialem ), a road par excellence , which leads to their attainment. I started this to change the ways / To kill the rage / To look at who I am / Never thought I d feel this way / And without shame / I stand here as I am / In store, just ask the associate to apply your available points to your purchase. In store, just show your Shop Your Way membership number or phone number to the associate when you check out.