I'm indifferent on whether or not Videl tags along on this mission as an audience, or perhaps to contribute in some way, because the story could be made to have Videl save the day, but Gohan was also in a place where he didn't want Videl to see just how powerful he was (because he didn't want to discourage her growth by showing her the full difference between them).

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It was at school where Gohan learned that Videl is the daughter of Mr. Satan, the fraud who stole the credit of Gohan defeating Cell. As a result, Gohan tried to avoid her even more but Videl persisted in her pursuit to learn more about Gohan.

Videl is the daughter of Hercule, the most famous martial artists in the Dragon Ball world. Gohan, however, rescues him and takes him to some fountain park. This was the rumor about the Great Saiyaman and with Gohan maybe not so much normal Gohan but more so character. Videl's head being crushed by Spopovich. Both blonds blinked at the girl before Erasa turned to the nearest camera and said "Well, looks like this is it for this broadcast. Son Videl (孫 ビーデル, Son Biideru; FUNimation "Videl", Viz "Videl") is the daughter and only known child of Mister Satan, who is very protective of her especially in respect to boys. Gohan, Videl & Goten VS The Cold World. Focus: Anime/Manga Dragon Ball Z, Since: 04-26-17. Videl and Gohan Fall in Love The initial thing with Gohan and Videl is that Videl was really schooled with the rumors of the golden-haired warrior from her dad. She grows up learning martial arts hoping to be as great as her father when in fact, unknown to herself, she is already better and stronger than him. While Gohan obviously has more natural prowess as a martial artist, he and Videl were such quick learners due to the fact that they both come from martial arts families. Now, the Dragon Team, especially Gohan can barely stand to watch.He is having an extremely hard time controlling his inner anger towards Spopovich's ruthless fighting. Generic "You're in trouble now!" Until then, this is Erasa and Sharpner signing off." Jeu Gohan Habillage : Le jeu Gohan Habillage est un de nos meilleurs jeux de gohan habillage et jeux de jeux de dragon ball z gratuits !!! vs. Goku & friends: Team Dialogues. Anyway, can Gohan survive with the entire female student body chasing after him and … Videl and Gohan simultaneously enter the class after thrashing some goons in the city, when Videl gets a call from the police that a man (Hoi) was threatening to jump. Son Gohan (Japanese: 孫 悟飯) is a character in the Dragon Ball manga series, created by Akira Toriyama.Gohan is introduced as the first son of the protagonist Goku, and his wife Chi-Chi, in chapter #196 Kakarrot (カカロット, Kakarotto), first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on October 8, 1988. Founder: GoHaNViDeLSoN - Stories: 21 - Followers: 7 - Staff: 2 - id: 127287 This is an archive for all of Gohan/Videl , Gohan/Goten hurt/comfort fanfics .