The Importance of Accounting Information in Decision Making Ionuț Spătărelu University of Craiova Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Daniela Petec (Călinescu) University of Craiova Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Abstract In the field of accounting, economic information is of great … The commentary is intended to provide a framework for thinking about the implications of research design choices in earnings management research, to demonstrate some tradeoffs involved in making those choices, and to describe the connection between earnings management research and some other … Different information are required for these diverse purposes, therefore organizations have to focus on different accounting tools to support their decisions-making process. AbstractThe aim of this paper is to investigate whether the accounting systems and techniques in use in higher education system in Italy allow key users to have useful information for a rational decision-making process. Improving decision making in organisations Effective decisions are those that achieve impact. Hafij Ullah, Jamil Ahmed Khonadakar & Syeda Tamanna Fahim . Business Intelligence Definition. That the same information may be regarded by accountants and/or researchers as accounting information is incidental to the small firm owner/manager. making process. An effective decision making process spans from how strategic decisions are informed and considered, through how performance and risk are assessed and managed, to how routine operational decisions are guided, made and governed so the intended impact Figure No 2.5 Illustrates Accounting as Information System Source: Meigs, Williams et al “Accounting: the basis for business decision” McGraw – Hill companies, 1999, P.8 Viewing the accounting as information system means; a group of systems, methods, and process, governed and controlled by following the fair principles and rules, in order This article presents a commentary on earnings management and associated accounting practices. management accounting make no attempt to develop an integrated theory, there is a high degree of consistency and standardization in methodology of presentation. There is no simple analytical model upon which basic strategic choices are made. There was, however, some evidence of the use of information that had “accounting” characteristics. Humber and Athabasca University have entered into an agreement that allows Business – Accounting diploma, Business Management diploma, and Business Management - Financial Services diploma graduates the ability to progress directly into the following degree programs with advanced standing of 45 credits provided all other entrance criteria are met and space remains available: The above diagram shows that a large number of disciplines influence and interact on strategic decision making in organisations. It employs a set of technologies that allow the acquisition and analysis of data to improve company decision-making and work-flows (Herschel and Jones, 2005).