Their half-human daughter is Aleea Strange, and Alanna's father is Rann's greatest scientist Sardath. Alanna Strange will join the new team called Justice League United, which will be Canada's first superhero team. Alanna Strange is a citizen of the planet Rann and the spouse of its greatest protector Adam Strange. He also has an ID card hanging around his neck. He wears a red shirt with a white lab coat and gray pants. Eventually due to their interaction the two characters married, and this is when she took the last name Strange, an Earth custom as Rannians do not have last names.

Because of their different worlds, she can only see her husband using Zeta-Beam technology. In the comics, her appearance is that of a Caucasian woman, and not as alien as this. Alanna is the wife of Adam Strange. Alanna along with Adam become the proctors of their world, she is an action hero in her own right, more than adept with a blaster. Adam Strange is a Caucasian male with blonde hair and blue eyes. This is her third animated appearance. Adam Strange is a scientist at STAR Labs' Erdel Initiative.