2) If you can effectively apply a thick layer you can actually get a nice chrome finish. Use two coats of paint on stairs, outdoor work spaces and any surface that receives regular exposure to the elements. See more ideas about Motorcycle painting, Kustom paint, Motorcycle paint jobs. I can’t seem to find something that small though that … Paint Rollers: Great for painting large, flat areas like walls and ceilings. Making basic shapes such as circles and triangles is a good way to build up to the techniques required to make detailed images. Feb 6, 2019 - Explore a0010001100111b's board "Motorcycle airbrush stencils" on Pinterest. Usually trim is detailed and will have different 'levels'. Let the primer dry sufficiently before sanding. For a smooth finish, wet-sand the emblem between coats with 220-grit sandpaper and then 400-grit sandpaper. It’s a pain to paint with brushes or small rollers and it seems like it would be so much easier to use a very small airless paint sprayer, like a small airbrush sort of thing. If a roller is used on a smooth surface, the paint should immediately be back-brushed with a paintbrush to give a smoother texture.

Unlike a flat top paintbrush an angled brush has a fine overall tip at the end and will allow you to have lots of control during your trim painting process. Share your painting and finishing techniques and tips: sanding, painting, covering, applying decals, etc - all aspects of model finishing. I have a lot of detailed interior trim to paint with latex enamel paint. Airbrushing employs special paint with finely ground pigment that is forced with a compressor through a specialized gun. Spray a light dusting on the emblem surface. The problem is 90% of the time the product will run and mess up your paint job. I recommend a small angled brush and a medium angled brush. An angled brush is great for being able to get into those little grooves. Let the primer dry for a minute or so, and then spray on two to four heavy coats. Paint the emblem or trim with a spray can of high-quality urethane primer such as Krylon. Terberl 100 Pack 100 Micron Paint Cone Paint Strainers, 100 Micron Paint Filter with Fine Nylon Mesh - Automotive, Spray Guns, Arts & Crafts, Hobby & Painting Projects 4.3 out …
A double-action airbrush allows you to adjust the amount of paint … Two coats of paint will be superior to a single coat for seamlessness, durability and color integrity. Allow paint to dry between coats, and tip off the top coat for an even finish.
Many beginners use stencils to practice steady hand movements and control of the paint flow. I noticed a couple things that will be helpful when using this paint: 1) Use the Spaz Stix backer paint or you won't get a chrome-like finish at all.

Since a roller leaves a textured surface, it’s not a good choice where a smooth finish is desired—such as on woodwork, trim, and cabinets.