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Curtis Creek and York Creek join at the foot of the falls to become Smith Creek.

Ruby Falls is home to the the tallest and deepest underground waterfall open to the public in the United States!

Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Curtis Creek falls plunges 153 and York Creek falls 50 feet. Source: David Grano-De-Oro / shutterstock.

One creek is Curtis creek, at 153 feet, and the other is York Creek falls, which are 1/3 the size at 50 feet. The trailhead is located right outside of a pay-to-park lot with several gift shops and restrooms.

The falls are made up of two creeks that cascade over the drop-offs.

Two wooden viewing platforms below Anna Ruby Falls make a perfect place for a mid-hike water break, and a great spot to snap a few photos of the beautiful, tumbling double waterfall.

The Bavarian-themed village of Helen is the home of Anna Ruby Falls Scenic Area. A paved walkway leaves the Visitors Center and follows Smith Creek on a beautiful interpretive walk to the observation platforms at the base of the two falls.

The drive over to Anna Ruby Falls was fairly short, the falls themselves located in Unicoi State Park. Anna Ruby Falls is closed until further notice due to a landslide and trees down across the road.

The List of Webcams near Ruby Falls, Tennessee, USA: Webcam Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA - 2.5 miles from Ruby Falls: Girls Preparatory School - A webcam in Chattanooga, Tennessee - camera location: Girls Preparatory School.

Webcam Dalton, Georgia, USA - 27.1 miles from Ruby Falls: Dalton Georgia Weather … After soaking up the beauty, the hike departs from the falls, following the outbound route on the Smith Creek Trail in reverse, leaving the often-busy waterfall behind.

Two falls, one on Curtis Creek and the other on York Creek together are called Anna Ruby Falls.
Webcams in the region of Ruby Falls, Tennessee, USA. You can read more about the ongoing changes here.

Anna Ruby Falls is situated in the Chattahoochee National Forest, which is a very scenic area. The Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest office in Gainesville issued an alert saying U.S. Forest Service staff are assessing the situation and developing a plan to clear the debris.