It’s interesting that in your list of arguments to win a vegan debate you don’t touch on a single point that I would’ve brought up. Peanuts are vegan, and if part of the vegan diet of somebody who was allergic and died from them, it could be blamed on that particular diet. argument.) This is a hugely pro-vegan website, but we are always interested to know why people are anti-vegan, if for no other reason than to understand the human psyche. Editor's Response: Thank you for presenting your argument. "Being a vegan is unhealthy" (The old "My cheeseburger, peperoni pizza, and fried chicken diet is so good for me." Etc.

You will notice that underneath each anti-vegan argument there is usually some sort of logical fallacy in brackets.

I elaborate on logical fallacies and other flawed arguments in Irreversibly Vegan, but the best free online list of these and their explanations can be found at However, I’ve never heard any sound anti-vegan argument coming from their mouth so far. It seems that, despite your other thoughtful articles, your consideration of the debate is a bit two-dimensional. Whenever I tell people about my dietary choices, most of them try hard to convince me to give up being a vegan, by bringing up all sorts of arguments against veganism. It's just not a very clear statement. argument.) The problem is that there is no one "vegan diet", but many diets -- some very healthy, some not -- are technically vegan.

A doctor who was also a vegan would face a moral dilemma with every patient presenting. Simply eating vegan is not going to ensure you are eating healthy food because there is so much junk food available nowadays that have no animal products in it (in other words, thriving on french fries and onion rings is not going to cut it). How about choking? This is what I’ve experienced for three and a half years of being a vegan.