Atlas F Missile Silo- Abilene KS Viewing by Appointment to financially vetted parties. Missile silo for sale ultimate survival shelter 2012 shelter fallout military atlas-f missile bases … The Atlas F was the final and most advanced version of the Atlas ICBM and was essentially a quick-firing version of the Atlas E, modified to be stored in a vertical position inside underground concrete and steel silos. Visited 2015.10.05 Near Roswell, New Mexico .

2 Comments 1 Share. The space is large and empty. Alexander Michael ATLAS-F ICBM Missile Silo. Consequently, Atlas F silos have become hot commodities for “Doomsday Preppers” who believe that the end of the world is on the horizon.

The 8.3-acre lot in Lewis, New York, holds endless possibilities.

missile bases for sale in Southwest USA, 15,000 sf home underground. Site is broom clean, has electric, sewer, well water, living quarters above ground with sewer and water ready for build out. Following retirement as an ICBM, the Atlas-F, along with the Atlas-E, was refurbished for orbital launches as the Atlas E/F. It ended up having a gate when I arrived, so I parked at the road and went in on foot.

913-523-3874. Way out in the middle of nowhere, I decided to stop and visit this silo that looked abandoned and accessible from google’s satellite view. In remarkably good condition for its age, the deserted 18-story underground military installation, built in 1960, is on the market for $3 million. Atlas-F series missile bases have a LCC (Launch Control Center) which has 2300 sf finished space that can consist of a full kitchen, and open living on LCC floor 1, Floor two can have two master bedroomsuites with luxurious private full baths or any of several other combinations.

The Silotube is 52' diameter and 185' deep.

It has stained, 4-ft. thick concrete walls, and lots of exposed metal structures. A fuel tank explosion at the missile silo site in Frederick on May 14, 1964, sealed the demise of the Atlas program, Guinan said. The SM-65F Atlas, or Atlas-F, was the final operational variant of the Atlas missile, only differing from the Atlas E in the launch facility and guidance package used. The Atlas F missile program, Guinan said, was killed off as the military gradually switched from liquid fuel to solid fuel. The cost for a private citizen to build a bunker like an Atlas F silo (hardened and capable of withstanding a direct nuclear strike) is cost prohibitive in today’s dollars. When stored, the Atlas F sat atop an elevator. Like Comment Share. In order to tour the missile silo for sale, you begin by descending a 40-ft. staircase that leads into the bunker. It first flew on 8 August 1961, and was deployed as an operational ICBM between 1961 and 1966. Elite doomsday preppers looking for a fixer-upper might want to consider this 3,200-square-foot Atlas F missile silo. Activation of 551st Missile squadron.pdf: 666 : KB: Brief history of 551st Strategic Missile Squadron.pdf: 1353 : KB: Part III Technical Description of atlas f operational facilities.pdf: 1632 : KB: Silo- A guide for base activation Personnel.pdf: 1611 : KB: Site Numbering Change Order.pdf: 77 : KB

Site ID: Type: Nearest Town: AF Base: Lat Long: 579-1: Atlas F: Roswell: Walker: Lat: 33°35'49.84"N Long: 104°20'23.73"W Decimal and GPS Coordinates: 579-10: Atlas F

Atlas F 579-5 Missile Silo. This site shows the work of Alexander Michael and the re development of the ATLAS-F ICBM Missile Silo There are still large floor-to-ceiling springs on each floor, which are meant to protect each of the basement’s levels from seismic shocks, and a 6,000-pound blast door.