Airbrush technique is the freehand manipulation of the airbrush, medium, air pressure and distance from the surface being sprayed in order to produce a certain predictable result on a consistent basis with or without shields or stencils. Artist Richard Markham will teach you airbrushing step by step! Also comes with 10 airbrush stencils and 2 different styles of flame practice patterns. 2 panels, split into 4 projects each for a total of 8 projects will be completed. Home > Prep, Primers & Clears. PPG’s Custom Airbrushing Techniques course builds on the fundamentals learned during the Basic airbrushing course. Airbrush experience required, or must have completed Basic Airbrushing course. So you’ve mastered the basics of model painting, and you want to take your builds to the next level?Airbrushing is an excellent, efficient way to give your scale models a professional finish. It has wide application range and can be used to paint anything. Krylon Artists Aerosol Spray Finishes. With over 35 airbrush techniques, including how to paint real fire/flames. Basic automotive paint supplies to get started on your automotive project!

4 DVDs with 8 hours of airbrush instruction. However, often newcomers to the art are overwhelmed by the difficulty in learning the various in-depth techniques required to start using the gun correctly. Model Airbrush Techniques – Scale Modelling Tips. Complete airbrushing course on DVD. One should learn how to handle the airbrush properly, and then it gets easy with practice. Automotive Airbrush Supplies | Auto Airbrush Painting | Clear Coat. It hones the skill set of the student by developing more involved custom art-work. I have always wanted to try my hand at automotive airbrushing. Airbrushing is fun and there are tutorials that guide you with all basic techniques. WE ARE OPEN, OPERATING AT 100% AND SHIPPING ORDERS. Airbrush technique will differ with the type of airbrush being used (single-action or dual/double-action). "The Airbrush Master Series is a complete Airbrush course that covers all different aspects of the Airbrushing field such as, Airbrush Tattoo, Airbrush T-shirts, Automotive airbrush, Airbrush maintenance, trouble shooting the airbrush. Your Shopping Basket. The airbrush is an incredible artistic tool that millions of people from around the globe have fallen in love with. My intentions were to learn some airbrushing techniques that I may have missed out on and to gain more knowledge regarding the automotive art craft. Prep, Primers & Clears.