Introducing Bar bending schedule template totally free of cost and you need not to pay anything for this. It is the bar mark from structural detailing drawing that is transferred to the bar bending schedule. Bar bending schedule can help the team cut and bend the bars at a separate location while other activities are performed in parallel, thus saving time during construction . At the same time for large-scale project the BBS schedule prepared by the bar bending shape codes to avoid the unnecessary wastages. Bar Bending Schedule for Reinforced Concrete Beam Example of Beam Reinforcement Calculation: Consider a beam of clear length of 4m, 300mm wide by 450mm depth. Step by Step Preparation of a Bar Bending Schedule: First, Download a Bar Bending Schedule excel sheet to start working with the steel calculations. This will not only reduce the wastage of reinforcement steel but also help us reduce labor cost. Let solve this example to understand better. Bar bending schedule is measured as a significant tool to make sure that the proper materials are used to avoid building fall downs, construction failures and many other relevant issues. Right now you can download the bar bending shcedule sheet free.

Bar Bending Schedule of Beam. It is age of advanced technology and internet has solutions for all our problems and we can also find useful tools on interne to design bad bending schedule. Bar Bending Schedule makes cutting, bending of reinforcement easy at a factory and can be directly transported to the Construction site. Example: Let us we have a simple supported beam having a cross section 300 x 500 mm and length of the beam is 4m. Here we calculate the bar bending schedule of beam detailed calculation given below: The quantity of the beam is very easy and simple.Just you need to know about basics of beam.
Bar bending shape codes.

Bar bending schedule is an important structural working document that rightly gives the disposition, bending shape, and total length of all the reinforcements that have been provided in the structural drawing, including the quantity. Though, it helping in reducing the overall cost of the construction project. Diameter of stirrup is 8mm spaced at 180mm center to center. Download Bar Bending Schedule Format .

It consists of 2-12 diameter bars at top, and 2-16 diameter and 1 – 12 diameter bars at the bottom. Bar Bending schedule plays a vital role in finding the quantities of reinforcement in structure.In order to find out the Bar bending schedule for slab or steel reinforcement in Slab, I recommend you to learn Basics of Bar Bending schedule and how to adopt concrete cover for different components of a building.. Bar Bending Schedule for Slab

Mostly for small-scale projects, the reinforcement calculated just based on the thumb rule but that was wrong. The main bars … Process of bending emphasizing steel into shapes is bar bending and it is an important part of construction to make buildings stronger and long lasting.