Shop Now. Bare Root is on our Online Store for curbside pickup ONLY Click Here To Shop Bare Root Online What is Bare Root Trees, shrubs and small fruits are normally harvested from the growing fields in the fall. Instead of just purchasing landscape … Bare Root Trees Direct to Landscape Read More » Sort By. Add to Wish List. Almost all of our bare root trees are 2-years-old, meaning you'll get fruit sooner! Why buy our bare root trees? Set Descending Direction.

Many deciduous trees, shrubs and roses are available as bareroot plants.

Most of our bare root trees are semi-dwarf for an easy harvest! So dry roots mean dead trees. Bare root trees are trees which are carefully dug up at their nurseries of origin and sold or shipped with their roots bare, meaning that most of the dirt around the roots has been removed. Bare root trees cannot stand their roots drying out. Plant roots store nourishment which is used to regenerate themselves when transplanted, fuel growth in spring, survive droughts and fight disease. I’m always trying to learn, experiment, and grow as a Horticulturist so when it came time to adding some trees to my own wetland, it became more of an experiment than anything else. Growers dig the plants while they're dormant, wash the soil from the roots, and surround the roots in moist packing material prior to shipping.

As the roots dry out, that nourishment is lost and cannot be replaced.

For a couple of years, I’ve wanted to add some Tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica) trees to my wetland. Zones: 4-9 Bosc Pear .

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As low as $85.95. The bare root trees will stay in the gravel bed until this fall when they will be planted throughout the City.

The dirt is removed from the roots and then the plants are placed into a controlled environment of. Bare Root Trees; Bare Root Trees. We guarantee our bare root trees will leaf out by May 15th! Shop Now.

Zones: 3-8 Decaf Kentucky Coffeetree . Once dry, they will at best struggle and at worst die. 8 Items . McKay is the largest supplier in the Midwest for bare root plants and we've been doing this for over a century. per page.

Add to Wish List. Most of our trees are 5/8" in diameter! Add to Compare .

Show. As low as $70.95. Add to Wish List. Bare root is a cheaper and lighter alternative for plants, trees, and shrubs.

A set of bareroot shrubs, as they arrive in a shipment. Zones: 4-8 Corkscrew Willow . As low as $100.95. We have over 150 varieties of bare root trees to choose from! Bare Root Trees. It's a great choice if you're looking to buy something large, but you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. Add to Compare. … There are a number of advantages to using bare root trees which cause gardeners to … In addition to trees, shrubs can also be purchased in bare root form; bare root roses are especially common. Most of our bare root fruit trees are only $24.99!