Detailing Lecture 9 16 th November 2017 Reinforced Concrete Detailing to Eurocode 2 EC2 Section 8 -Detailing of Reinforcement -General Rules Bar spacing, Minimum bend diameter Anchorage of reinforcement Lapping of bars Large bars, bundled bars EC2 Section 9 -Detailing of Members and Particular rules Beams Solid slabs Flat slabs Columns Walls Deep beams Foundations Discontinuity … Before you begin defining reinforcement for a beam, you should define its formwork. The formwork in the Reinforcement module can be created using Macros or using AutoCAD® options.

When splices are arranged in bars, they should remain out of the sections of maximum stresses as far as possible and should be staggered. Do's for Beam and Slab Reinforcement Detailing.

beam reinforcement detailing pdf Continuous Beam.

Reinforcement details of concrete beams and slabs should specify clearly about cover to reinforcement, length of reinforcement, curtailment of reinforcement, number and diameter of reinforcement to be provided. Under lateral loading, these beams can undergo large inelastic deformations but must retain their strength for the system to behave as desired. When the depth of beams surpass 750 mm in case of beams devoid of torsion and 450 mm with torsion provide face reinforcement according to IS456-2000.
beam reinforcement detailing pdf DETAILS AND DETAILING OF CONCRETE REINFORCEMENT 3155. splice a spiral, it shall be done by a lap splice of 48d. Diagonally reinforced concrete coupling beams are commonly used in mid and high- -rise buildings to connect adjacent structural walls separated by openings. Reinforcement detailing 5.

In this exercise, you add the formwork of the beam into model space. As = (0.85bd/fy) Where, As = Minimum quantity of tension reinforcement.

Detailing of reinforcements in beams and slabs plays an important role in providing strength, durability and cost optimization.

Tension Reinforcement: The minimum tension reinforcement is denoted by the given formula. Minimum diameters to which standard spirals can be formed and minimum diameters that are considered collaps ible are shown below for various sizes of spiral bars. Detailing of Reinforcement Detailing of Reinforcement in Concrete Structures in Concrete Structures Beam Reinforcement Details: Beams are essentially provided with main reinforcement on the tension side for flexure and transverse reinforcement for shear and torsion. EUROCODE 2 Eurocode 2 design methods Eurocode 2 advocate the adoption of one of two design methodologies for deep beams reinforcement and detailing. b or by welding.