Ghee is also good for brain and digestion, a good digestive system is important for standing healthy in common sense. Beyond our kitchens, ghee finds a coveted space in beauty and hair care rituals too.

While the term superfood is thrown around pretty loosely these days, ghee’s benefits truly live up to the hype—from the brain, to the digestive tract and beyond, this ancient nourishing fat truly rejuvenates the body from the inside out. Despite the bad press it has received over the years, ghee may actually be protective against heart disease.

*REMEDY For dryness of eyes, poor eyesight, fungus in nails, glowing skin, shiny hair* At night before bed time, put 3 drops of pure ghee or coconut oil in your belly button and spread it 1 and half inches around your belly button.

Improving Brain Function With Ayurveda + Benefits of Ghee & Brain-Boosting Herbs A Healthy Lifestyle Begins With You. Ghee, a variety of clarified butter, is definitely a fat — but it may be worth adding to your diet. As ghee is high in saturated fat, it shouldn't be eaten in excess, so portion control is key, says Rissetto, who recommends sticking to 1/2 a tablespoon for a serving. Ghee contains plentiful amounts of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. These nutrients are essential to a wide range of body functions from the brain to the immune system. I encourage you to reap the benefits of consuming ghee daily. Eating this much of ghee can … Pure desi ghee, is ghee made of cow's milk. Cow Ghee Benefits For Brain. Saturated fats and proper brain functioning are closely related. October 14, 2015 June 22, 2018 , Featured , Health Conditions , Ayurveda , Ayurvedic Tips For Improving Brain Function , Brahmi , Brain Gut Connection , Ghee Benefits , Gotu Kola , Healthy Brain , Herbs To Improve Memory , Importance Of Ghee , Shankhapushpi The Health Benefits of Ghee. #1 Acts as brain tonic Also Read - Indo Mediterranean diet lowers risk of pre-heart failure, says study: Know a few other benefits. Ghee is 100% butterfat… golden, flavorful, nutrient-rich butterfat. Nourishes and Protects the Brain

One study done with rats shows why ghee offers health-protective benefits for children.

It is antibacterial, and antimicrobial in nature. Compared to butter, it has a higher smoke point, more intense flavor, and a greater amount of short- and medium-chain fatty acids — not to mention a host of ghee benefits. So while ghee does contain saturated fats, using a limited amount of ghee can both enhance the flavor of the food and deliver essential fats to the body. Cow ghee benefits for brain. … Ghee benefits include improving digestion, reducing inflammation, promoting weight loss and strengthening the bones. Increases Digestion. 1. What is ghee? As per Ayurveda, Purna Ghrita/Old ghee (ghee which is stored for 5-10 years before use) is useful in the treatment of epilepsy, intoxication, fainting, malaria, diseases of the head, eyes, ear, and diseases of female reproductive system. And if you are new to it, be prepared to rock your culinary world!