Knowing that the curry turns into different sizes with the pokemon selected, I tried this with my Wailord versus my … In Sword/Shield you will eventually get the ability to make curry with the ingredient “Curry Mix” which ends up making this adorable Decorative Curry. Posted by.

log in sign up. Reblog. User account menu. While making curry is fairly simple on the surface, it's important because it has many uses, such as restoring HP, improving friendship ratings, and removing status effects. 42 notes. Preparing and eating curry with your team will give them EXP boosts, restore health, and also increase your Pokemon's rapport with you, though the degree to which these increases affect them is based on how good of a cook you are.

Good luck! Follow. pokemontrainerlizbit . EDIT: In order to get these you need to have the large Pokémon in the first spot in your party. The curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield is no different, as it’s great for restoring the HP of your Pokémon while you’re out in the Wild Area.

Discussion. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Here's the completex Pokemon Sword and Shield Currydex, with all the curry ingredients you need for each. A comprehensive list of Curry as well as all the achieveable rankings. Bone Curry: Mix up all flavors evenly: 067: Spicy Bone Curry: Use Spicy flavor dominant berries: 068: Dry Bone Curry: Use Dry flavor dominant berries: 069: Sweet Bone Curry : Use Sweet flavor dominant berries: 070: Bitter Bone Curry: Use Bitter flavor dominant berries: 071: Sour Bone Curry: Use Sour flavor dominant berries: 072: Pack of Potatoes Curry List . Good luck! There are some tips and tricks to keep in mind to make the best curries and fill up the Curry Dex. Close. This is the order: Toast, pasta, apple, bone, fried-food, cheese-covered, whipped-cream, decorative, and instant noodle. Unfollow. 3. pokemon swsh pokemon sword and shield pokemon sword pokemon shield pokemon curry. r/PokemonExpansion: All things related to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield as well as their new expansion content method. 3. Pokemon Sword and Shield Curry Recipes Cooking curry at your campsite is more than just a fun activity or a chance to flex your Masterchef skills.

We are a small community … Press J to jump to the feed. This Pokemon Sword and Shield curry guide fills you in.