This autobiography book by Peter Buffett, Warren Buffett’s son, shares the wisdom learned from his family and his experiences. In this older, ... Let’s go ahead and use the Buffett’s Books Yield to Call Calculator to understand this lesson more.

How to Win Friends and Influence People is another hugely popular book; with over 15 million sales (and counting) worldwide, Carnegie did such a fantastic job when he wrote this back in 1936 that it’s still useful almost 80 years later. Twelve surprising and entertaining case studies are presented to give readers an in-depth understanding of some of the most influential moments in business history. 5 Books for Millennials Interested in Investing. COURSE OUTLINE.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight Recommended by: Warren Buffet. If you're interested in learning more about the Berkshire Hathaway CEO's approach to investing or how it's enabled him to be so successful over the years, this essay collection sums it all up in one compact volume.

Here’s how Ted Turner, Media Icon and the Founder of CNN, describes it: “With home-spun, heart-felt wisdom Peter Buffett ponders how to make a meaningful life, while making a living.” Gifted by Warren Buffett, Bill Gates once claimed that Business Adventures was his favorite book of all time! No list of the best books for beginning investors would be complete without a contribution from Warren Buffett. ... eight hours of Warren Buffett’s day is spent ... documents the life of the man who is often referred to as the Arabian Warren Buffett. You don’t get to be the second-richest person in the world without knowing something the rest of us don’t. LESSON 23: VALUE PREFERRED STOCK – CALCULATE THE YIELD TO CALL (YTC) LESSON 22.
... Warren Buffett’s mentor and professor.