4-Ingredient Cake Pops are simple to make, requiring just  20-minutes hands on prep. Build the cake pops: Weigh 60 grams of each color of cake and crumble them into individual bowls. Ingredients to make cake pops. Use A Styrofoam Holder- A block of Styrofoam makes a really great holder to stick the cake pops in while they are drying and it’s cheap.

Set the cake pop in your cake pop stand until the chocolate hardens. 12 Tasty Slow-Cooker Breakfasts. These bite-sized delicacies can be made to suit any cake preference, from red velvet to chocolate and any festive theme in between. Crumbled chocolate cake meets vanilla-frosting and then  gets shaped into bite sized balls, dunked in chocolate and served up lollipop style. cake … No one will know. Cake pops are prepared by baking a cake, mashing it up, mixing in frosting, rolling it into a balls, putting it on a stick, and dipping it in chocolate. Set aside. Tap any extra coating off of the cake pop gently. Preheat oven to 350°F (177°C). Taste of Home has the best cake pop recipes from real cooks, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips. We’re all on board with the cake pop craze—after all, they make for perfectly portable desserts that are easy to make and eat! Stir constantly until the chocolate has melted, then divide evenly between the cake. Remove cooled cake from pan and crumble into a very large mixing bowl.

Stir until the cake is fully coated in the chocolate mixture. Use any suggested pan size and bake according to package directions. Easy Butter-Chicken Casserole. Grease a 9-inch pan (round or square) or 9-inch springform pan. white cake mix (requires eggs, water, and oil) vanilla frosting; candy melts; Crisco shortening; Equipment for cake pops.
Looking for recipes for cake pops? After the cake pops have been dipped into the melted candy, quickly tap the hand that’s holding the cake pop to help release any excess candy melt. Dip a lollipop stick into the melted coating and then into a cake ball. Make the cake: Whisk the flour, granulated sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt together in a large bowl. Red Velvet Cake Pops. Cool in pan on a wire rack. Whisk the oil, eggs, and vanilla together in a medium bowl. Pour 100 grams white chocolate chips and whipping cream into a small pot and set to medium heat. Instructions. Box Cake Is Just Fine– If you’re not against the ingredients, make it easy for yourself and just purchase a box cake and make some homemade frosting. Add frosting. No one will know. Line trays or baking sheets with waxed paper; set aside. Dip each cake pop into the melted coating until it is completely covered. Prepare cake mix according to package directions. The flavor combinations are endless, and you can decorate them with colored sprinkles or dunk them in colored white chocolate to match any party theme or color scheme.