You could remove some old, living branches by cutting them back to about 6 inches above ground. How to Prune Tree-Type Lilacs.

When to Prune Lilacs.New lilac bushes don't require maintenance pruning until they are about 6 feet tall. Kalmia latifolia - probably in June, but right after flowering has stopped. Whether your lilac is a shrub or a small tree, it will need to be regularly pruned in order to maintain a healthy shape and size.

Instead, prune in the dead of winter or in early spring, he suggests. Using hedge clippers can be as effective as pruning shears, but using them to prune lilac bushes may take away from the plant's allure, giving it an overly trimmed look. Spiraea - the … For Californian lilac, you can consider pruning as little as possible. Lilacs are sturdy shrubs but trees should be protected from harsh winds because they have fairly soft wood that can easily break when bent. Mary: Your lilac-loping tale of woe illustrates the serious negative long-term effects Fall pruning can have on the health of plants.

Use refer to the guideline, When To Prune Lilacs, before adding fertilizer. It has been there for about 15+ years ( I don’t remember the specific year I planted it), but it was just a tiny twig from the nursery.

How to Prune Lilacs. You will need to do a rejuvenation pruning on the bush. Warnings. Lilacs set next season's flower buds almost immediately, so late pruning will mean sacrificing the next year's flowers. Lilacs (Syringa spp.)

The common lilac is prone to suckers which can draw vital energy and nutrients away from the plant. Lilac bushes bloom best on younger wood, 5 or 6 years old and, if your lilac is mostly wood older than that then the number of blooms will be reduced. However, lilacs should be lightly pruned in early spring after they have finished blooming. The time to prune mature lilac plants is just after the flowers have faded in the spring.

The best thing you can do for those lilacs right now is to shovel an inch of compost around their base, apologize for that assault last Fall and explain that you will now only prune them after they finish blooming in the Spring. Do this from mid-June onwards. They set the next season's flower buds almost immediately, so late pruning will mean sacrificing next year's flowers. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 2. The short stubs act as sap drawers, putting out leafy shoots which manufacture food and draw up water and minerals resulting in a stouter, stronger trunk. Here is a site that will give you more pruning information for lilacs.

are a large group of trees and shrubs that produce attractive fragrant blooms in early spring. To encourage new growth, this is the best time. Do not remove too many stems. "Spring bloomers can get a haircut right after they finish flowering. If you are going to prune all at once it is best to prune those lower branches to short stubs. All of the leaves/blooms are up about 6 feet in the air.

How to Prune a Lilac Tree. Pruning early also gives new shoots more time and energy to …

The time to prune mature lilac plants is just after the flowers have faded. When the lilac becomes old or has not been pruned properly, the years of lilac borer infestation, powdery mildew and old growth can stifle blooms and cause weak new growth.

There are about 10-15 of them and they are spread out foot by foot.

This is the first time that I have had a yard, so I don't know a whole lot. Advertisement. When to Prune Lilacs. I am not sure of any variety but it is one of those regular or old-fashioned types which blooms fragrant purple blooms in late May.

From one gardener to another, don’t fret.