Want to use butter in a recipe calling for margarine. The simple answer is that yes, you can use margarine instead of butter.

Margarine might not taste as good. First, butter will give the buttercream a buttery flavour. This is why Crisco says on the label that when substituting for butter or margarine you should use less and add water. Margarine has a higher melting point than butter so the frosting tends to hold … It is HOT! Technically, yes, though it does depend on a few things. You start with softened margarine. I use margarine all the time because of the cost difference.I can buy a 6kg tub of margarine for $7.99....a pound of butter is $3.99.I tried both recipes first before I … Butter has a high level of fat (80%) while some margarine only have 30%. With hi-ratio, for icing you can use a little more liquid in your icing or do the same sort of conversion as for Crisco for baking. Margarine and oil do not have water, so do not expect the same results. Yes… I use margarine. You can absolutely use real butter instead but the reason I choose to use margarine is that we live in Las Vegas. If you do substitute, using salted butter will get you closer in flavor to margarine. Using unsalted, consult other recipes calling for that, to find out how much salt THEY call for. There are some emulsifiers in Crisco and more in hi-ratio shortenings, so it is not quite 100%. But before you make that substitution, you will want to understand why the recipe calls for butter and what it does for the recipe.