Chinese Herb Actions Tonifies the Qi and Yin of the Spleen and Stomach For Deficiency of the Spleen and Stomach with lack of appetite and energy, loose stools, spontaneous sweating, abdominal distention … Chinese yam can be used in diabetes, diabetic insipidus, or hyperthyroidism individuals who present with yin deficient In TCM, the body's physical forms pertain to yin. Do wear gloves when handling the Chinese Yam as the flesh may cause itchiness to some people. Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory With a history of more than 2000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has formed a unique theory system to diagnose and cure illness.

Simple eat method without limitation of Ingredient Name: Chinese Yam (also called Chinese Wild Yam or Nagaimo in Japanese stores) Ingredient Name in Chinese: 淮山 (huái shān), also called 山藥 (shān yào) Description: Chinese Yam is the swollen rhizome of a yam plant native to China that is also grown in Korea and Japan. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) patterns and what they mean. A feature of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory is the idea of homology of medicine and food. Now, you can find Chinese yam at your local specialty Asian grocer… But for a therapeutic dose, see a Chinese herbalist. Chinese yam not only can nourish spleen, at the same time, but also tonifying kidney.

Dampness here refers to lack of yang qi, which causes an imbalance between yin and yang within one’s body; Chinese yam (淮山) … Don’t mistake Chinese yam for “wild yam,” which is a different tuber (although it has some similar benefits). Chinese yam aids lung yin and kidney yin. In winter, it is good for easing the above disease. There are no side effects of taking Chinese yam as medicines or in the form of food. In TCM, Chinese yam is often combined with … Air ship 50 sachets of Chinese Yam (shan yao) in the form of quick-dissolving granule for your personal use now at $98.00. You should eat wolfberry, black bean, black fungus and red bean.For those who are irritated by deficiency of heart blood, porridge, astragalus, white bean, jujube, Chinese yam and so on can be used to replenish qi and blood.At ordinary times, we should ensure the regularity of work and rest. The understanding of the human body and the concept of disease are fundamentally different from that of Western medicine. Picture 3 – Chinese Yam Cake. Chinese yam is often used in hospitals as an effective herbal medicine in China. Chinese Side Effects. Chinese liver and gall bladder tonics. The Chinese herb 'Shan Yao' (Chinese Yam Rhizome, Dioscorea) is Sweet, Neutral, goes to the KI, LU, SP, and is in 'Herbs that Tonify Qi'. Chinese yam can Invigorate the spleen and the stomach, Promote the production of Body Fluid and invigorate the lung, Invigorate the kidney and arrest seminal emission. Chinese Yam Recipes ‘Fufu’ or ‘pounded yam’, an African dish is prepared during yam festival. That's to say that one's diet, if carefully managed, can have medicinal benefits. Leave the cut Chinese Yam in a bowl of water (room temperature) to avoid them turning black. In TCM, Liver disharmony is often treated with Liver and Gall bladder tonic herbs that help to regulate the flow of Qi and Blood, stimulate the production of bile, and enhance the body's processes of waste elimination, such as Chinese …

We break everything down into patterns in TCM, thereby being better able to customize treatments to the individual (not all hormonal herbs are good for everyone).