Colloidal Silver Uses.

Uses and Benefits for Colloidal Silver .

It is claimed to help with various infections and diseases, ranging from cold to cancer. Colloidal silver is a liquid that can be purchased in tincture or spray form. Amid the various uses of colloidal silver, it can also be used as a spray in the following ways; EASE SKIN CONDITIONS Colloidal silver can also cause poor absorption of some drugs, …

This should fight the infection. Colloidal silver is known as a natural antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral substance. Colloidal silver … Never spray colloidal silver directly into the ear canal. There are even colloidal silver generators you can buy that diffuse silver particles into water. However, the solution may not be safe to ingest, and it can have serious side effects. Colloidal silver products marketed for medical purposes or promoted for unproven uses are now considered "misbranded" under the law without appropriate FDA approval as a new drug.

Most come from studies using animals or cell cultures, not placebo-controlled studies in a living human. Most colloidal silver products will have directions on how to use it for a variety of different health conditions, so I highly suggest you seek out the information from … Despite the FDA ruling, colloidal silver products are still available as dietary supplements. Black Mold Begone Bundle. 51. Colloidal silver is a liquid compound that consists of miniscule silver particles suspended in liquid. Some of the top immune-supportive uses … Fans of colloidal silver claim it’s effective as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-tumor, and more. Colloidal silver is a popular home remedy, and people use it to treat or prevent a range of health issues. Colloidal Silver Benefits. Uses for Colloidal Silver . $81.99 – $235.99. There are many uses and benefits for colloidal silver. The most common is argyria, a bluish-gray discoloration of the skin, which is usually permanent. There’s some science behind colloidal silver uses, but it’s not perfect. Colloidal silver suffocates the virus and can even reduce the activity of the HIV virus in AIDS patients.

Bundled Savings. Yeast Infections. Rated 4.88 out of 5 based on 52 customer ratings. There are also numerous anecdotal accounts of colloidal silver… If the symptoms of infection persist even after a day or two of application, get your pet checked by its vet.

Silver has the ability to inhibit both Hepatitis B & C viruses. According to research by Larry C. Ford, MD, at the UCLA School of Medicine, viral, fungal, and bacterial microbes were killed within minutes of exposure to silver. Colloidal silver can cause serious side effects.

Colloidal silver is a popular but controversial alternative therapy. Silver Excelsior Serum. When you see your cat touching and rubbing its ears, spray colloidal silver in the external ear and rub it in a circular motion. Colloidal silver products are made of tiny silver particles suspended in a liquid — the same type of precious metal used in jewelry, dental fillings, silverware and other consumer goods.