The commercial applications of cytokinins are: Auxins and cytokinins together encourage cell division. The commercial uses of plant hormones... Ethene Ethene has many uses such as: -speeding up fruit ripening -promoting fruit Ethylene is made today through the thermal cracking of either naphtha (an oil derivative) or ethane (a natural gas liquid or NGL). It is recyclable and can be reused to make other products. Monoethylene glycol is used for the production of polyester fibres for the textile industry, and PET resins for bottles. The U.S. and Middle East use ethane as the primary feedstock and the rest of the world predominately relies on naphtha. Ethylene Products & Uses. As the most widely used organic compound in the world, it's not surprising that ethylene has many uses. Apical buds are removed in tea plantation to obtain short branched … We would have much lower yields and lower quality of food without them. They are used in agriculture and horticulture to have a specific effect.

Plant hormones play such an important role in our food production and agriculture. The first of these is the single largest use of ethylene, consuming about one-half of the annual output. It is also at the forefront of environmental research as we learn more … So I know it is a hormone inhibitor; it makes fruits ripen faster. Ethylene Oxide Ethylene oxide is a gaseous ethylene compound usually produced in large quantities. Ethylene use falls into two main categories: 1) as a monomer, from which longer carbon chains are constructed, and 2) as a starting material for other two-carbon compounds. Cytokinins are N 6 substituted adenine derivatives that affect many aspects of plant growth and development, including cell division, shoot initiation and growth, leaf senescence, apical dominance, sink/source relationships, nutrient uptake, phyllotaxis, and vascular, gametophyte, and embryonic development, as well as the response to biotic and abiotic factors. Worldwide, there are 270 crackers in service and 4 to 7 world-scale plants are required every year to keep up with demand. Use of plant hormones – Higher There are many plant hormones , and there are a number of different groups. Ethylene is also used as a petrochemical. It has important role in morphogenesis so very useful in tissue culture.

Ethylene is used to make ethylene oxide which is used to make ethylene glycol. Cytokinins induce bud and root formation in callus. Here are just a few reasons ethylene is important in our everyday lives: Polyethylene production - polyethylene is the world's most widely used plastic. Pure ethylene is desired because it is a main component in a number of ethylene compounds, many of which are used for a variety of commercial activities. What are the commercial uses of ethylene? Cytokinins promote the growth of lateral buds but the presence of auxins in the shoot apex results in apical dominance.