What present rights then do contingent remainder beneficiaries have to protect their future interests in the interim while they are still waiting to inherit? We know this is a question that many have asked, so we thought that it would be a good question to address today. This means B has a contingent remainder because we don’t know if B will ever take the interest due to the condition precedent. Contingent remainders could also be destroyed by merger. A common-law doctrine providing that a contingent remainder was destroyed if the prior estate terminated, for any reason, before the remainder became vested. A contingent remainder can be created in two different ways. Consider, for example, a deceased husband whose trust provides lifetime benefits for his surviving second wife and also provides that at her death the remainder goes to those of his Another example is … If, therefore, A. should, at his decease, have a son who should then be twenty-four years of age or more, such son will at once take the feudal possession by reason of the estate in remainder which vested in him the moment he attained that age.

the condition. A great majority of states no longer follow this rule. contingent-remainder definition: Noun (plural contingent remainders) 1. 's decease. Thus, the rule arose that unless the contingencies upon which a contingent remainder was founded were fulfilled prior to, or, at the very least, at the time of, the expiration of the preceding interest, the contingent remainder was destroyed. B is classified as a contingent remainder the gift to C will also be a contingent remainder, but if the gift to B is dubbed a vested re-mainder the alternative gift to C must divest it in order to become possessory and must be an executory interest. For example, Tom owns Blackacre in fee simple, which means he owns it with no ownership limitations. "What is contingent responding?" one of our affiliate trainers asked me recently.

First, it can be a remainder to a person not ascertained at the time the interest is created. As a contingent remainder the estate to the son is well created (z); for the feudal seisin is not necessarily left without an owner after A. In case you didn't know, contingent responding is one of the behavioral markers for the frequent conversation indicator in the Language Modeling CLASS dimension.

Now the last part of the sentence: otherwise to C. C also has a contingent remainder because it is dependent on B satisfying the condition precedent. Destructibility of Contingent Remainders Definition.