If you clone SD card to larger card for an upgrade, just shut down your computer, remove the source SD card & target card, and plug the larger one into your Android device. You can plug some readers directly into a free USB port on your PC, while for others you need to use a USB cable to make the connection. The computer will detect the connected card reader just like other mobile devices. You can also drag and … Here is a handy solution. All the data in the SD card will be scanned by the computer and displayed on a window if you click on the icon of the SD card. With the help of AOMEI Partition Assistant, things would be easier, and here provides you the detailed steps of how to clone Android SD card to a larger SD card. Follow the steps below: Step 1.

Thus, clone data on the old SD card to the new SD card is necessary. Connect the SD card to your computer and make sure it is detected. 3. Sometimes, you may want to change a new SD card when the SD card is not satisfied you, for example, if the capacity of SD card is not enough, you may want to upgrade it to a larger one, but you still need the data on the old hard drive. Overview of SD Card Easy Transfer Tool. Then power off your Android … Step 2. Many models of computers come with an SD card reader already installed; if yours is such a computer, then the process is simple.
Press “Win + E” to open “Computer”. Finally, you just need to find the wanted files among those data and copy them, then paste them on the computer. 2. These are simply operations and are familiar to most computer users: 1. Locate the files you want to move from your computer. Connect the micro SD card reader to your computer. Plug the small and the larger Android SD cards into your Windows computer via card reader, make sure they all can be detected by your computer. You can plug some readers directly into a free USB port on your PC, while for others you need to use a USB cable to make the connection. Solution 1: Transfer files from PC to SD card by Cut/Copy and Paste. 4. Once the transfer is complete, go to Settings > Storage > SD card > Eject to eject the new larger SD card. Go to Files-> Local-> SD card (the old one), and select the files or folders you would like to move. Then click 3 dots icon at the top right corner -> Copy, and choose the new larger SD card as the destination. You may hope to get a potent SD card easy transfer tool to make data; files, music, pictures, apps transfer easily without doing copy and paste, let alone Windows won't allow you to do the copy of Windows-related files and folders.

After the SD card cloning, if both the source SD card and target SD card/hard drive are connected to your PC, the Windows operating system will mark one as offline. SD cards most often are used in cameras, and in order to use the pictures or videos in your company presentations or marketing material you have to copy them directly to your computer. This method is simple but will cost you much time because the files in the SD card is too … 3. Cut/copy and paste the desired files from your computer to your SD card.