November2010. It's often called "Sulphur Cosmos" or "Orange Cosmos," and an old variety with particularly glowing orange blooms is called "Bright Lights."

Cultivars are included in the Ladybird and the Sunny series.

Out Of Stock. General information about Cosmos sulphureus (CMSSU) Mexico, Central America. 1 for … Allemand : Cosmos sulphureus Cav.

Famille : Asteraceae Origine : Centre et sud du Mexique, Amérique centrale, nord de l’Amérique du sud Zone USDA : 8 à 11.

Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden, Osaka,Japan. Common Name: Cosmos: Hardiness Zone: 1-11S/W: Exposure: Sun to Part Shade : Find your zone? Cultivated as an ornamental.

Introduced in a few European countries, Indian subcontinent, Korea, southeast Asia, southern and eastern Africa, USA, South America (except southern cone), Australia Lookup. Cosmos bipinnatus come in pink, rose, red, white, lavender and bicolors, and Cosmos sulfureus in yellow, orange and scarlet orange. ܓ - Cosmos sulphureus - (All Rights Reserved - - Do not use without permission) Cosmos is thought to have received its name from the Spanish priests that …

Pests and Diseases Cosmos species may be occasionally bothered by bacterial wilt, canker, powdery mildew, leaf spots, aphids, and Japanese beetles. Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden, Osaka,Japan. SKU: S71551. The flowers of these often remind me of open-style marigolds on larger plants.

Blooms In: Jun-Sep: Height: 12" Spacing: 12" Read our Growing Guide: Ships as: 1 PINT 28.86 CU IN. November2010. Quick Facts.

This one's shorter, with more bushy plants and somewhat smaller yellow (to orange) semi-double flowers. Cosmos sulphureus Cosmos are sometimes referred to as the flower paint of the Aztecs as they were historically used during rituals by the Aztecs in South America, where the plant originates. Cosmos sulphureus -- Yellow Cosmos Page 3 October 1999 these plants will germinate in approximately one week and bloom in 2 to 3 months. Email me when item is in stock: Submit. Cosmos sulphureus, the other cosmos. INFORMATION DESCRIPTIVE. Attactive to birds and butterflies, they are available in two species. Buy more, save more. Cosmos sulphureus (sulphur cosmos); flowering habit, in cultivation. 1 for $8.95 0 Reviews. Type de plante : Annuelle Port : Erigé et ramifié Hauteur : jusqu’à 1,10 mètres Largeur : 0,60 mètre Feuillage : Les feuilles sont fines et pennatiséquées.

Cosmos sulphureus 'Cosmic Orange' Out Of Stock. Cosmos sulphureus 'Sunny Red' Bunches of daisy-like flowers and graceful feathery foliage make them a delight in both color and texture.