Fees: Fundrise charges 1% on its REITs and Funds. Realty Mogul offers REITs and private placements.

Realty Mogul vs Fundrise: Summary Fundrise has a lower minimum balance of $500 compared to $5,000 to invest with Realty Mogul.

Realty Mogul charges 1% to 1.5% on REITs. Fundrise is perfect if you’re a new investor and want to invest in real estate. Availability: Fundrise and Crowdstreet are available in all 50 states. CrowdStreet's vetting and screening process include vetting the sponsor, the specific real estate property, and the sponsor's specific offer. Realty Mogul only has two portfolios for non-accredited investors which are the Mogul REIT I and Mogul REIT II. It works like this: The sponsor's background and track record are assessed and assigned a corresponding designation as: Fundrise has a transparent 1% fee while the fees on CrowdStreet vary based on the investment type. Crowdstreet and Fundrise are two major real estate crowdfunding websites that you can use to invest in real estate online. Fundrise offers REITs and eFunds.

Crowdstreet has no fee. CrowdStreet offers three different types of investments while Fundrise … Crowdstreet offers investments in individual properties only. CrowdStreet offers an easy to use, streamlined platform for investing in commercial real estate projects nationwide. While they’re both in the same industry and have some similarities, these two sites also have remarkable differences when it comes to how you use them, who can use them, and more.