I have 2 packages posted to Germany get stuck at Customs with one over one month.

Customs, the government service responsible for administering international trade laws, inspects and regulates every shipment to make sure the contents comply with the importing country or territory’s regulations. Package was being sent to Eschborn, Germany.

The form you need depends on the USPS ® mail service you’re using and the total value of what you're sending. I had to pay the postage twice. Complete a Customs Form Most couriers provide a tracking option on their websites to track your package. I thought I paid Exoress rate to get it right to the person I sent it to. The Israel Post tracking system says the package reached Germany 9 days ago, and is 'Being held by customs overseas'. You can create a customs form when using Click-N-Ship®, using the USPS Customs Forms tool, or by filling out PS Form 2976-R and taking it to a clerk at your local Post Office ™ location for them to create a label. There is little that can be done to stop or speed up these random checks and attempts to such may just be a waste of time.

Be prepared to simply wait to receive your shipment. At these post offices, they decide whether your packages need additional clearance at the local custom's office or not. Spe­cial on­line ap­pli­ca­tions; Forms and factsheets; Regulations; User instructions. You usually need a customs form to ship overseas, even with APO, FPO, and DPO mail. After customs clearance German Post delivers the shipment directly to the consignee.

When a package from outside the EU arrives in Germany, it first arrives at the custom's offices in Hamburg (packages sent by sea mail) or Frankfurt (packages sent by airmail). It's had the same shipment status since June 3rd. Should customs duties or taxes have incurred, which German Post has paid in advance, these will be asked from the consignee upon delivery. This form may be obtained at local post offices worldwide. Custom does't believe ,it is a present , it sayes so on the custum sheet .

Learn how FedEx can help move your shipments across borders and into your customer’s hands. package stuck in customs Frankfurt by FemmeAndFauna.

Hint: To speed a package through CBP examination at a port's International Mail Branch, the seller should affix a completed CN 22 or CN 23 (U.S. Customs and Border Protection Declaration Form) to the outside of the package. Service. Type your tracking code into the designated search field and hit return to view the results.

Every time you ship internationally, you’ll need to take a few additional steps to prepare your shipment for the customs clearance process. Use the tracking code you received when you shipped your package.

Get shipping regulations for Germany and other countries at Easyship. It has had a key role in the history of Europe, and not only.English speakers call it Germany, Germans themselves call it Deutschland.Germany is known as the country of poets and thinkers.. German culture has been influenced and shaped throughout Germany‘s rich history once as an important part of The Holy … Customs Forms Filling Out Customs Forms Online. Customs does not have any influence on the period until delivery by … If yes, you will get a letter in the mail two days later.

Items requiring an export license must always use PS Form 2976-A. German Customs portal for citizens and business customers. Busi­ness­es Subnavigation of Businesses. The customs office in Oberursel is responsible for Eschborn. When I enter the tracking number in the Deutsche Post website it says, "non-EU item preliminary import check". Community Member ‎06-21-2019 04:28 PM. Wondering if anyone has the contact number for Germany customs office so I can ask my buyer to call? Confused on Germany customs and regulations?

Customs Tools Every commodity is different – and so is every market. Ser­vice Subnavigation of Service. Germany Prohibited and Restricted Items. FedEx Cross Border is unable to ship prohibited and non-approved restricted items on behalf of its customers.. FedEx Cross Border has prepared a global list of prohibited and restricted items that apply regardless of a shipment's destination. Weight limit: 4 pounds. Thank you. Free Matter for the Blind . Often, shipments are held up in customs to check that the contents of the package and the value of the goods were declared accurately. Aviation tax . Postal consignments, internet order. Germany Customs: Shipping Restrictions & Prohibited Items. I shipped an item to someone in Germany without knowing about the German Packaging Law.