What’s the difference between shisha and hookah? Hookah VS Vape – The Differences . Smoking shisha has become a trendy pursuit among young people today. Vapers Smoke E-Liquid, Hookah Utilizes Tobacco-Based Shisha Hookah users typically smoke shisha – a substance that is a mix of tobacco, molasses (or honey), and VG (vegetable glycerin). Shisha Vapes; Search. A guide looking at the smoking habits of young people in the U.K. A guide looking at the smoking habits of young people in the U.K. Due to an increased volume of orders, there may be brief delays with some shipments - we thank you for your patience at this time. Posted on 10th March 2014 by Andy Sarge • 7 Comments. Many young adults gather in shisha cafes and share the pipe between friends. Therefore, there are many differences between Vape-pens and Hookah, in terms of what they are, how they are used, why they are used and the likely risks. That being said, in the States, Shisha is more commonly associated with the actual tobacco substance you smoke through the device. Vaping versus Shisha: What you need to know. The question for many people is: what is better to use? They see smoking shisha as a pleasant and relaxing experience and according to a recent study as many as 44% of them believe smoking shisha is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Since our main focus of attention is to clear any confusion our own customers might have, Shisha should be referred to as the fruit-flavored tobacco substance you put inside the Hookah. As mentioned above, Vapers are much more often daily to quit or smoke, while hookah is more likely to experiment.

The Difference Between Hookah and Vaping With so many alternative forms of smoking on the market, knowing the difference between them all can be a little difficult. Vaping is one of the newest alternatives to smoking to hit the market, and with the rapidly-evolving terminology, phases like hookah pen and vape pen have become apparently interchangeable, and a lot of confusion has been created in the process. Shisha flavors can be divided into 2 groups: classic and modern