She moved back from New York to London to raise Ella and began looking for a career that she was passionate about. TV chef is said to be 'cut up' over collapse of relationship with music exec Marion.

Lorraine Pascale is a British former model and television cook, best known for selling almost one million books in the UK alone. Lorraine Pascale is single. I was a very chubby baby.

Marians partner is John. A motivating Instagram post of Lorraine Source:Instagram. My childhood was s***,’ says Lorraine Pascale. I was handed straight over the the nurses and stayed there for 1 month. Lorraine Pascale's first BBC cookery show, Baking Made Easy (2011), has attracted some spectacular headlines as well as some great reviews, since its launch in January 2011. Her series have aired in over 70 countries worldwide. Lorraine Pascale: 'I think my mental toughness is genetic.' Agony for TV chef as she splits with fiance over move to LA: Lorraine Pascale unwilling to leave behind UK success. This is not the opening gambit I expected from the former model, TV chef and million-selling cookery book writer. Her relaxed nature when it comes to her shiny new role may also come from her upbringing, for she is the daughter of the hugely popular former model and TV cook, Lorraine Pascale, 46. Abusive childhood, alcoholic mother, fame at 15… TV chef Lorraine Pascale has survived them all – and is still smiling. ‘My childhood was s***,’ says Lorraine Pascale. BAKER’S daughter Ella Balinska looks to be on the rise as she poses in the Charlie’s Angels reboot. She tells Judith Woods how she does it. Pascale is an optimist with a fantastic sense of humor. Pascale married Polish jazz musicianCount Kazimierz Balinski-Jundzill in 1995 and had a baby Ella Balinska a year later. Born in the Mother’s Hospital Hackney, London, E5. After all the childhood difficulties, it makes sense that she wants others to not have to feel all alone in this world. Haden are excited to introduce their first cookware collaboration with food expert and TV celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale. Her career as an entertainer began when she was a sixteen year-old model. Her first cookery book, of the same name, has reached number one in the best seller lists, and sales are soaring. This is not the opening gambit I expected from the former model, TV chef and million-selling cookery book writer. Let’s know more about it. Lorraine Pascale Husband | Lorraine Pascale Daughter. She has a daughter named Ella who works as an actress. Lorraine had at least 1 relationship in the past. She has been also hosting shows at BBC. (Source: Lorraine Pascale married a Polish musician called Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill in 1995. Lorraine Pascale's daughter Ella Balinska.