Using up all the water in the hot water tank, would also lead to a cold shower.

One tap to the left and scalding hot water has you hugging the shower wall. My husband normally has a shower first & he is fine! Usually, in addition to …
The problem could just be an old, faulty shower lever, in which case you should try replacing it.

The shower has a safety switch which cuts off the heater when it is too hot or not enough flow is detected. But then when I go for a shower after 5 mins the water goes cold. (CNN)Being unable to afford air conditioning or wanting to save more by using it less is a normal circumstance for some of us. If you notice that there is water coming from the bottom of your electric shower, it may be that the PRD has activated (Pressure Relief Device). One touch to the right and you’re blasted with cold water. I then have to either turn it off & wait 5 mins or turn the temp up but then it gets too hot!! My shower has recently started running hot and then cold. try cleaning the head.
Any of the above cause a low flow rate and therefore very hot water. Shower water is either freezing or scalding As per title - I have searched this site for the answer, and there seem to be two that may apply - a faulty mixer or the pipes are fitted incorrectly. You may have a faulty stat or your mains pressure in may be the problem or your temperature control may be faulty. In … The electric shower is leaking from the bottom of the unit. The shower would get cold if somebody used hot water for something (almost certainly not a toilet flush), instead of cold. I hear a "click" noise just before it goes cold so I know when it's going to happen. Dealing with a “fussy” shower faucet is a bad way to start your day. I am 95% certain the latter does apply to me, because the plumber fitting the shower said they were the wrong way around - but then, why would he not address this when plumbing in the shower? So, too hot then too cold. If the flow of water out is quicker than the flow of water in then the hot will be used before the cold has been heated.

The minimum working pressure required for electric showers is approximately 1 bar at 8 litres per minute. the water supply is very cold or the shower head or inlet filter is blocked or there is low water pressure. It could be caused by an over enthusiastic thermostatic mixing valve, which reduced the hot water flow too much.

The temperature control on a shower is normally a water pressure regulator, so the hotter the water the slower it comes out, but there are built in thermostats too.