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A variety of testing techniques are employed to evaluate in-situ construction materials for quality, as-built construction, and failure. Sequential Easy First Hard First. read more. read more. Located in Shanghai, with more than 20000 square meters building area. During the Quiz End of Quiz. Both of these persons try to optimize the quality standards and thus safety and quality as well. Materials testing, measurement of the characteristics and behaviour of such substances as metals, ceramics, or plastics under various conditions.The data thus obtained can be used in specifying the suitability of materials for various applications—e.g., building or aircraft construction, machinery, or packaging.A full- or small-scale model of a proposed machine or structure may be tested. ROOF TESTING. Materials Testing & Inspection offers extensive services in both Non-Destructive Testing and Materials Science Engineering. Dare to try leaders, modern workshop and fabricating equipments, professional & dedicated R&D team, thus make us the most professional company in this industry. Testing Of Engineering Materials! In any construction project it is obligation of a contractor to establish a well equipped material testing laboratory.

More Engineering Quizzes. GeoCon also provides CPT to determine the geotechnical characteristics of the subsurface soils. Start. Play as. ENVIRONMENTAL. Built by DataTrust Technologies. Cone Penetration Testing. Quality Control Manager or Quality Control Inspector has a team along with Material Engineer from consultant end and one material engineer from the contractor’s end. Difficulty. Atlas’ construction materials engineering and testing services give owners confidence that their investment is built in accordance with the project’s approved plans and specifications.

read more. For vital assurance that foundations are constructed properly and with materials that meet project specifications we verify and record the installation of piers, piles or shafts on-site throughout the installation and verify the material strength. During the construction phase of a project our construction materials engineering and testing (CMET) services provide asset verification. Engineering and testing services As an accredited and internationally recognised testing laboratory, we offer you a range of services from proficient planning and creation of tailor-made concepts, efficient testing in our testing facility and mobile on site, to the evaluation of your innovative products by our experienced and motivated specialists. Learn More. We are a Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing firm located in Robertsdale, Alabama! Destructive and nondestructive testing of construction materials to confirm it meets or exceeds project specifications.

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We are professional manufacturer & supplier specialized in Civil Engineering & Material testing equipments since 2003.

The branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials.

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Feedback. Welcome to GeoCon! Our expanding in-house, AASHTO-certified laboratories offers a wide variety of testing services for varying construction materials such as asphalt, concrete, and soils. Quiz Flashcard. read more.