The leaves on elm trees alternate on the branch and are usually doubly serrated. Paler sapwood is usually well defined. Grain/Texture: Grain is interlocked (making it very resistant to splitting). Let’s learn more about planting an elm tree. The bark is dark brown, rough and fissured.

Lifespan: can live over 100 years, with the oldest known examples reaching 400 years. Family: Ulmacaea. Formerly referred to as Horse May and Common Elm, the English Elm tree is one of the most common cultivars of the field elm particularly in central southern England. About Elm Trees. The bark is dark brown, rough and fissured. English elm belongs to the genus Ulmus and is a member of the Elm family (Ulmaceae). Characteristics. Below the Elm tree pictures you will find a list of elm trees types, useful facts and info about the Elm tree species along with some Elm Tree trivia.. Elm Tree Images.

… The twigs are finely hairy. Elm-lined streets were common in North America until Dutch elm disease struck in the 1930s, wiping out most of the trees. Elm Trees. Burls of English Elm are frequently referred to as Carpathian Elm burl. The American elm reaches a height of 115 feet, while the rock elm grows to 80 feet tall. Characteristics.

Origin: non-native. Common name: English elm. English Elm.

Rot Resistance: Rated as non-durable; susceptible to insect attack. Shop furniture, rugs, and home goods from Hooker Furniture, Safavieh, Lexington and many more! Most feature perfect flowers that develop into samaras.Unlike the familiar helicopter samaras produced by maple trees, those of elm trees are circular.They are very prolific in their fruiting and can often be invasive if the growing conditions are right. Identify Elm Trees. Other articles where English elm is discussed: elm: Major species: …species with interesting mottled bark; English elm (U. procera), with a compact crown and deeply fissured bark; Wych elm (U. glabra), with smoother bark; and Camperdown elm (U. glabra camperdownii), a variety of Wych elm also known as umbrella elm because of its drooping branches. Mature English elm trees grow to an average of 30m in height and have a lifespan of over 100 years.

Identify the elm tree by its height. With new, disease-resistant varieties, however, elm trees are making a comeback. Due to the devastating effects of Dutch elm disease in the 20th century, the English elm is rarely found as large tree, but is more common as a shrub along hedgerows, or sometimes in woodlands. For each Elm Tree Picture you like, just click on the tree photo to make the elm tree image enlarge. Living trees are susceptible to Dutch elm disease.

Mature trees grow to 30m and can live for more than 100 years.