Raccoons. Examples of omnivorous animals Mammals that are omnivorous Bears  : They can hunt animals such as fish, insects and even other mammals, but they also eat fruits and roots. 10 Animals That Are Omnivores Pigs. Chimpanzees. The difficulty in classifying an animal as an omnivore has a number of facets. Bears. There are also purely carnivorous species of bears, such as polar bears. For example, a cow will drink milk (an animal product) while it is a calf, but then transition to grass and grain once it weans. Examples of Marine Omnivores Below are some examples of marine omnivores: Many crab species (including blue, ghost and Asian shore crabs) Chipmunks. First, many animal species have different periods of development when it will transition from eating one type of product to another. Opossum. Squirrels. Hedgehogs. Dogs. Coatis.