The Word "Except" in Example Sentences Page 1. Envy is blind and kows nothing except how to depreciate the excellence of others. The weather was good except for an occasional shower. The benches were empty except for a single solitary figure. CK 1 259863 I work every day except Sunday.
How to use except in a sentence. CK 1 2733268 I've seen nobody except you. Except for definition is - with the exception of. Except definition is - with the exclusion or exception of. 4.

There is nothing permanent except change. 2. 2.

CK 1 2261239 Everyone left except Tom. How to use except for in a sentence. 324988 No one came except Mary.
No one can degrade us except ourselves; that if we are worthy, no influence can defeat us.

255+24 sentence examples: 1. 3. CK 1 2261243 Everyone laughed except Tom. 171+8 sentence examples: 1. CK 1 2261238 Everyone except Tom left. How to use except in a sentence. 3. She ruled for ten years, except for a brief interva Except for a small pang, her headache has gone. Example sentences with the word except. except example sentences.