Flowers are beautiful any time of year. You can make them using cardstock from your local craft store, which means you’ll have tons of color options. Flowers are one thing that can brighten anyone’s day, and can be given for any occasion.

These flower crafts make lovely gifts to say “Happy Birthday” or “Get Well Soon.” Brides who love to DIY are also making their wedding bouquets and other flowers for their wedding ceremonies. Whether fresh or faux, these DIY flower ideas will bring the botanical beauty of a spring garden into your home all year. Different flowers will take different types of paper from tissue paper, to cotton paper, to pattern cardstock paper. Tie them with homemade ribbons that are made with pinking shears from floral fabrics. These large paper flowers from Hey Let’s Make Stuff come with a printable template and a cutting file so you can cut by hand or using a Silhouette. These are perfect decorations for parties, backdrops for weddings, bouquets, and even individual flowers that will look great anywhere in your home. Handicraft Flower Crafts: This kind of crafting is done making use of colour papers to make the splendid flower ranges. 5.
Colorful Watercolor Flower Craft for Kids . Beginners will be pleased as with many flower crafts we feature, you can get terrific results even if you are new to them. Flower Crafts from Buggy and Buddy. Check out of our section of kids flower crafts that we've put together. To keep the flowers … Or just because flower crafts and paintings look great displayed on the wall or window sill! Here is a selection of some of my favorite flower crafts from wonderful blogs that I hope will inspire you too. She uses a variety of colors to make four different flower … 3. To make them even cuter, or personalized if you are making a gift for someone, why not print a picture of your kids or students and have their faces shine in the middle of the sunflower.

Fortunately, we’ve scoured the web for great flower craft tutorials for you, from simple to complex tutorials. However, cut flowers tend to wilt and lose their beauty very quickly. to decor and more, here are some of our favorite flower craft projects for spring. Each of the flower tutorials will tell you what type of paper is best to use.

It really depends on what type of flowers you are making.

Find lots of flower crafts for kids. We have handprint flowers, flower pot crafts, picture holder flowers, flower magnets and many more. Learn how to make paper flowers by hand or with an electronic cutting machine and don’t miss the free printable paper flower templates. Paper Mache Hats .
This flower craft idea for kids to make is perfect for fall. And flower crafts are perfect for any season.

And a small wooden stick to hold these paper flowers is used, which are again attached to a stand that may be a used cardboard tray also. Giant Paper Flowers from Collage Paper

California Poppy Magnets .

I made a rainbow of giant paper flowers to decorate my craft room and today I’m sharing the flower templates and a tutorial for how you can make your own big, bold and beautiful paper flowers.

Happy (Flower) Crafting!

2. Tutorial the Perfect Add on Fabric Flower:

Making felt flowers and displaying them on your empty walls can elevate the wall decor and bring some accent touch to the whole house especially on a festive or holiday season. Textured Tissue Paper Flowers . Fill your home with the best thing about spring: flowers! To bring color to the winter months. Find lots of kids flower crafts and tons of other fun kids crafts at Here are some of my favorite flower crafts … Here is the tutorial to make these lovely flowers with a bit curled petals milesofsunshine. Decorate a wall or window with giant paper flowers like The Craft Patch did. These DIY paper flower tutorials will teach you how to create beautiful flowers that will never wilt and die. A collection of fun and easy flower crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers along with a few flower crafts for older kids to make and gift as gifts..

Fashioned with small, sweet flowers from the garden or even the supermarket, nosegays make perfect party favors (or boutonnieres at a country wedding). From seasonal floral wreaths and gifts (hello, May Day and Mother's Day!) Handprint Art on Corkboard . For special Mother’s Day cards.