We purchased a new house in Pompano Beach, FL with this in the garden. Bookmark.

Looks like mint. Quote.

If the mint growing in your backyard has soft, rounded leaves, it might be apple mint (Mentha suaveolens). SOLVED: smells like mint. Be sure to smell it too, since many species of the family are loaded with aromatic volatile oils. Lemon balm in particular is very mint like in appearance.

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It has a very thick woody stem (must have been there for awhile), grows back fairly fast when cut back and smells like mint (though the leaves do not look like traditional mint). gtr1017 Roanoke, VA Jun 20, 2009. yea, I was …

Lamiaceae Plants of the Mint Family(also known as Labiatae) ... opposite leaves, then it is very likely a member of the Mint family. gtr1017 Roanoke, VA Jun 20, 2009. found this growing near a drainage ditch in a field, they smell like mint.....G Post #6715962. A more distant possibility is that the plant is true lemon mint, one of several vareties of Mentha citrata. Plants That Smell Like Lemon. More. There are many ways to bring the refreshing scent of lemon into the garden without actually planting citrus trees. Flower spears are white or pale pink. flowAjen central, NJ(Zone 6b) Jun 20, 2009.

Post #6715968. Bookmark. Please help me identify this bush/herb/plant thing. Quote. This plant is also called woolly mint because its stems and leaves are covered with fine, soft hairs. Less minty than peppermint or spearmint, apple mint tastes fruity.

Very likely it is lemon balm or lemon verbena and both are quite edible. Mark unread; Skip to new; Mark unread Print Skip to new.