This is a list of known and official Power Levels in the Dragon Ball universe.

Frieza's power level in Super is just plot shenanigans Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. That would put Goku at that 90.9% disadvantage which means he could be domianted. Final Form Frieza (DBL01-41S) Character Card Details. But when Frieza underwent intense training for four months to unlock his dormant and true potential power, he gained the ability to transform into a gold-armored version of himself. All of the levels on this list are taken from the manga, anime, movies, the official Daizenshuu guides, games and stated mathematical calculations. We'll be using his 1st form power level for this calculation as we have both official PL. No. In this form, Frieza's power level is one decidecillion!

And if he did have a transformation, it's never hinted at. Based on the official data, we can also calculate how many time of increment in power level that Frieza has experienced after just 4 months of training. Therefore, Revival Frieza's Final Form (100%) in RoF has around 293,800,000 power level. What's their power level? 3 - Frieza's third form (Trip to Namek) Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Frieza Force, Transforming Warrior, Lineage of Evil, Powerful Opponent, Male, SPARKING, Melee Type, YEL, Frieza Saga (Z), Frieza. The power to destroy universes and rival gods. His power level was identical to that of a suppressed Freeza, so it couldn't have been a suppression that was created to contain his power. Boomstick: This version of Freiza can fight on parr with Super Sayin Goku and Vegeta, who can destroy planets and moons! For the concept of power levels, see Power Level. Frieza is also super smart and can form henius strategies mid-fight if he needs to. "Power levels" redirects here. Dragon Ball Legends (Unofficial) Game Database. re: Frieza's true final form power level The max Freeza can be is 3,300,000 to me. In his true form, Frieza has a power level of 120,000,000 at full power but rarely uses this unless pushed to his limits while slightly bulking up. Earthlings : Edit Babies - 0.0001 - 0.0002 Children - 0.5 - 2 Teenagers - 2 - 7 Adults (Below average to Soldiers) - 2 - 15 *Goku with a power level of 10 said he was trained to be like steel.. Kids/Teen martial arts students - 5 - 15