Easy creamy potato salad with yogurt is a healthier version of this classic side dish. Simply combining a few ingredients to make a gorgeous salad dressing, we've added dill, parsley and radish to stir through with the potatoes. Total Time30 mins. Featuring a vinaigrette—not mayo!—this salad is a healthy take on potato salad while still being bold in flavor. A delicious and simple potato salad full of French flavors from dill, Dijon, castelvetrano olives, and green beans. Prep Time20 mins. Calories: 133kcal. Cuisine: American. 1 Cook potatoes in boiling water, cool and cut into medium chunks. Author: Jessica Gavin. Cook Time10 mins. 2 In a jug or small bowl mix light mayonnaise, yoghurt and mustard; add to potato mixture and mix through. Instructions. Servings: 8 servings.

Low sodium baked potato salad up close The sodium content in store brand processed potato salad is astronomical. With an average of over 550 mg of sodium per 2/3 cup it is just way too high for a single small serving and when combined with the other cookout essentials it can … Serve garnished with remaining spring onion. Place in a bowl with most of the spring onion (save some for garnish) and fresh mint. Add optional extras as desired. Greek yogurt adds extra protein and the luscious texture you crave! This gut healthy salad is a kicked-up, vegan-friendly potato salad full of fantastic fermented flavours of garlic-dill pickles, sauerkraut and grainy mustard kombucha vinaigrette