[Middle English hei.] / If you go, I will “Hey” would be used when you are trying to get someone’s attention. Watch official video, print or download text … 1. ' I texted this girl "Hey (name)" and she replied 20 minutes later with "Hey" I was expecting at least a "Hey (my name)" girls don't just text back with a single "Hey" right, unless they're annoyed? hey definition: 1. used as a way of attracting someone's attention, sometimes in a way that is not very polite: 2…. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Rayland Baxter lyrics. Learn more. Hey definition is - —used especially to call attention or to express interrogation, surprise, or exultation. 2. (Don Pfarrer). Hey ' As stated above, your crush simply texting you " hey " puts the pressure on you to make the conversation interesting. How to use hey in a sentence. Technically it should be, “Hey you, what are you doing?” but it can be shortened to just “Hey” and still have the same meaning. Used to attract attention or to express surprise, appreciation, wonder, or pleasure: "Oh, hey, you saw that ninety-nine-yard punt return in the Super Bowl? "Hey" text message meaning? hey (hā) interj.

Used to express greeting. Original lyrics of Hey Larocco song by Rayland Baxter. Hey Lyrics: Hey / Been trying to meet you / Hey, must be a devil between us / Or whores in my head / Whores at the door, whore in my bed / But hey / Where have you / Been? Wow, so did I!" Informal 1. That ' s where we come in. Keep scrolling for what you can respond when your crush texts you " hey. "