(a) Ethene into 1, 2 -dibromoethane: Ethene reacts with bromine at room temperature to form saturated ethylene chloride. magnesium bromide then allow to react with dry ice (Solid carbon.
How do you convert ethyl bromide into ethene?

eg. onvert the ethyl bromide into Grignard's reagent, ethyl. dioxide) then acidic hydrolysis produces the propionic acid. NaOH + CH3-CH2Br ==> CH3-CH2OH +NaBr (aq) Another train of thought is to eliminate HBr and then add H2O not really useful here but can under some circumstances.

CH 2 = CH 2 + Br 2 → CH 2 (Br) − CH 2 (Br). When ethyl bromide is heated with a mixture of HCl and Zn ethane is produced. How do you convert : (a) ethene into 1 , 2 - dibromoethane (b) ethene into ethyl bromide - Chemistry - 1,2-dibromo ethane(b) Ethene into ethyl bromide: When ethene is treated with HBr bromoethane is formed. One way to convert the bromoethane (ethyl bromide) to ethanol is via an nucliophilic substution reaction using a strong base under reflux.