The Volga River is approximently 2,300 miles long from start to finish. Volga Quest is a celebration of the Volga River – the longest and largest river in Europe flowing from central Russia to the Caspian Sea – and the tapestry of very different cultures along its shores. 1. The Volga has played an important part in the life of the Russian people.

Answers and Views: Answer by RadoThe Volga river is 3692 km long or 2294mile. Over thousands of years, the river has built a tremendous delta that forms the northwestern shoreline of the Caspian Sea. At least, there are 5 animals that lives in Volga river. The Volga River drains much of western Russia’s industrial region as it travels southward to empty into the Caspian Sea. Volga River Towns Fade Along With Prized Sturgeon Astrakhan, on the Volga River, once was known as Russia's caviar capital — but no more. The Volga River is an 80.7-mile-long (129.9 km) river in the U.S. state of Iowa.It is the major tributary of the Turkey River in the northeastern part of the state. The longest river of Europe is the River Volga. The Volga River delta is one of the most productive regions of the world for fish, particularly caviar-producing sturgeon, 25 percent of which live in the Volga River. It is approximately 3700 kms long and discharges into the Caspian Sea. Completed in 1952, the Volga-Don Canal is 101 km (63 mi) long. Russian Desman. … As it is very long, there are a lot of animals living surrounds it. The first attempts to connect the Volga and Don rivers was made by Peter the Great. On average 120,000 cubic metres (about 20 swimming pools' worth) of water flows out of its mouth every second. River systems that may have existed in the past Amazon–Congo. The Volga is Europe's longest river. It flows 2,325 miles (3,740 kilometers) through western Russia . Its body is 18 to 21 cm long while its tail is 17 to 20 cm long. It rises in the Valdai Hills 226 meters above sea level north-west of Moscow. The ship can hold about 100 people, and reports were that our cruise had about 80.

The ship that would take us the on the Volga River was the MS Volga Dream (more details and floor plan of the ship can be found here). It links the long Volga River waterway to the lower Don River, which flows into the Black Sea; in this way it provides a connection between the Mediterranean and Black Seas and the landlocked Caspian Sea. In Russian folklore it is called Mother Volga. The Amazon basin formerly drained westwards into the Pacific Ocean, until the Andes rose and reversed the drainage.. Asked in Geography , Russia , Bodies of Water , Lakes and Rivers , Volga River Is the river thames bigger than volga ? Almost half of all river-traffic in the entire world takes place on the Volga. More than half of the massive country's farmers rely on the "Mother Volga," and the majority of Russia's industry is situated around the waterway and … The biggest river in the world, measured by the amount of water that flows down it, is the Amazon. Volga (vŏl`gə, Rus.

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Volga is one of many very polluted rivers in Europe.

Traveling 550 km (some 341 miles), dog teams will weave their way on the river … After capturing Azov in 1696, he decided to build the canal, but due to a lack of resources and other … The Volga is Europe’s longest river . The delta channels provide transportation between the heartland of Russia and the oil-rich Caspian Sea. It flows primarily in a southerly direction through Russia into the Caspian Sea. The delta also contains oil deposits where millennia of carbon-rich mud have piled until pressure and heat converted the organic material in the lowest layers into petroleum. Compare our Volga cruises with the competition and read what past travellers have to say. This was one of the main reasons we opted for this cruise other than Viking or Uniworld – the smaller count of fellow passengers. Russian desman is a small semi-aquatic mammal. Express to Russia is the leader in all-inclusive Volga river cruise trips for any budget. The diving insectivore that looks like a small mole has tiny eyes and a fat and flat tail. Question by Chocolate Chip WAFFLES: How long is the Volga River? The Volga River is approximently 2,300 miles long from start to finish. Volga-Don Canal Lighthouses. Offering the highest quality at the lowest prices on all Volga cruises. The Volga River nourishes Russia for more than 1,400 miles, from northwest of Moscow south to the Caspian Sea. Volga River Mederville-Brücke über den Volga River südlich von Elkader. The Volga River is approximently 2,300 miles long from start to finish.

The Don–Volga Portage got its name from its trade importance 1000 years ago.

vôl`gə), river, c.2,300 mi (3,700 km) long, central and E European Russia.It is the longest river of Europe and the principal waterway of Russia, being navigable (with locks bypassing the dams) almost throughout its course.