Seaweed is rich in trace elements and potassium, which makes it ideal to add to compost in its raw state, to work in as a mulch, or to create a liquid fertiliser.

It is a wonderful water soluable fertilizer that is packed with nutrients, minerals, and good stuff for your plants.

Coastal gardeners from here to the Falkland Islands have been doing it for ages.
Yesterday, we started our very first batch of liquid fertilizer made from seaweed. Homemade liquid fertilizers are too biologically active to be saved or stored, so it’s best to make small batches so you always have a fresh supply.

It’s a great additive—or it can be used all by itself. You’ve seen me do this before with weeds, manure, kitchen scraps, etc. This is a very good video where a man uses the same method I do, but with comfrey and other northern leaves, along with seaweed: Hey, that guy looks way more pro than me.

Mix the final mixer and water with the ratio of 1:1 Feed the fertilizer by pouring it on the base of the plant.

Filter the mixer and collected the seaweed fertilizer. The seaweed fertilizer serves to be an element of organic gardening. 1. C on wagon duty, heading down the hill to the beach to gather seaweed. I think wild-fermented concoctions that include manure belong in the soil, not on plants, because of their heavy load of bacteria. This is really easy to do and your plants will be thankful for it; seaweed fertiliser releases about 60 nutrients plants can benefit from.

How Do Fertilizers Affect the Environment. Option #3: Make Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer. : You can do it with seaweed, as well. Share.

Fertilize your houseplants, garden, flowers, fruit trees, shurbs, and whatever else you care to fertilize with this very cheap and easy organic fertilizer made from seaweed. Collect seaweed from the shoreline and place it in a bucket for transport; several handfuls are all that is required to make five gallons of liquid fertilizer.

The use of fertilizers has helped mankind yield massive crop production to meet the food supply of the growing population. [1]

They supply natural nutrients and so much more than health to nurture your foliage.