Improve taste and rehydrate with some electrolytes. A flavored electrolye mix like Nuun or Pedialyte will make protein shakes taste … Stuff with dressing and sew or tie with string to retain stuffing. The taste is fine but I hate how dense and gritty it is. However, adding to food is also far more effective at hiding the taste of protein powder.

“We can do a really good job of pea protein in vanilla and chocolate and the sweet brown flavors, but some of the fruity flavors are a little bit more of a challenge, strawberry in … Mix the other ingredients and add them to the butter mixture. I miss a good frothy whey shake.

The thing I miss most is my whey protein! I have tried MRM's Veggie Elite in Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Mocha. Cook celery and onion for a few minutes in the butter. 5. By the time I finish the shake, all of the protein … Wipe dressed fish with damp cloth and salt lightly inside and out.